Occuloplasty( Ocular Aesthetics and ocular oncology)

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to the world of ophthalmic plastic surgery. This page is designed to give you the insight to the vast arena of possibilities that plastic surgery can offer you and your loved ones. Be it eye tumor , watering , disfigured face , trauma induced eyelid conditions , we have it all under a single roof of this hospital .

We send excision biopsies, oncology sample to recognised histopathological laboratories . We provide a multidisplinary approach by guiding you the best possible treatment for your eye related oculoplasty condition. We have an oculoplasty clinic for diagnostics and surgical facilities available with a full time working experienced trained oculoplasty surgeons DR. Rahul Deshpande and Dr Nana Jare .

We provide outpatient and in patient services along with best diagnostics and surgical options. We also provide training for interested candidates in our clinic for a period of 3 months/6 months as Short term Oculoplasty Certificate course.

Facilities that can be availed.

  • Orbitotomy - Surgical treatment for ocular tumors
  • Dacryology - Management of epiphora( watering), Surgical procedures like Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR), Dacryocystectomy (DCT), probing.
  • Ocular prosthetic eye shells
  • Ptosis (drooping of eyelids) eyelid surgery
  • Trauma related cases and their management
  • Reconstructive procedures.
  • Lid surgeries like for ectropion, entropion.
  • Socket reconstructive procedures
  • Treatment for eye cancers
  • Botox injections (botulinuim) for facial aesthetics
  • Congenital eyelid and orbital problems anomalies surgical management